Mercenaries guarding a Chest in Chuno.

Mercenaries are soldiers for hire who operate all over the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. Notable Mercenaries include Mage Chilblain, Gerard Fayle, Lokath, Birge, and Khaleth.


While bands of Mercenaries roaming the roads of Antara may or may not be affiliated with any particular group, a large military force commanded by Khaleth is based in Ghan, conducting operations as far afield as Pianda. Mercenaries may also be hired by Antaran nobles or private citizens.

In BattleEdit



Gerard Fayle, a Mercenary from Everton.

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In their travels, the party can meet Mercenaries such as Mage Chilblain in Cardone and Gerard Fayle in Everton. An ambush of Mercenaries working for Lord Daryl Caverton is also found staking out a priest's house in Ravenne. Lord Dakka in Keth mistakes them for some of Mercenaries he hired to collect his wine from Bakril.

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