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Map of Melay. E: empty house; O: old lady; G: Gunter Yyp; S: sculptor; H: locked house. The town's well is between the Inn and Shop.

Melay is a Ticoran town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited in Chapters 2, 4, and 6.


Melay lies on the road north of Ravenne. Further north, a fork leads west to Varnesse and east to Ticoro. Southeast of the town, a ford over the river provides access to Ticor's central forest.

The town's well lies between the Inn and the Shop.

A coach runs from Melay to Ormede for 225 burlas.


Inn: The Wayfarer[]

  • Amenities: Bread, Rations; rooms are available for 6 burlas.
  • Music: In Chapter 4, the last verse of You'll Never Hear My Name.

Shop: Baxter's Couriers[]

  • Sells: Ponaka's Last Stand; Halder's Tale; Carlith Mating Rituals
  • Buys: Books, Scrolls, and Notes.
  • Free: +5 Halder's Brew on a countertop.


The sculptor in Melay.

Torchite gem.

  • A sculptor tells the story of her father's death twenty years before, when he quarreled with a powerful lord over a commissioned sculpture that he had not wanted to give up when it was finished. The killer turned himself in but was let off with a fine, while the sculpture, a malachite cat, was not heard from again.
  • Gunthery Yyp, Jeweler Mage, shows off his magical gem work. After the party speaks to the sculptor, Yyp reveals that he was her father's best friend and had sold the powerful lord the torchite stone and malachite with which the sculptor created the malachite cat.
  • An elderly lady carrying water from the river explains that the town's wellwater is tainted, tasting like vinegar, so the entire town has used river water for twenty years.
  • An Empty House holds 2 Rations, a +8 Shovel, and 17 burlas.
  • The town well has scum on the surface. Use a Bucket on the well, retrieving a 95% torchite gem, and give it to Gunter Yyp to receive a diamond shieldstone and solve the mystery of the malachite cat.
  • A locked house does not respond in Chapters 2 or 4.