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Leon, a Midovan courier of Mehrat lineage.

Mehrat is a sovereign state which seceded from the Antaran Empire under hostile circumstances shortly before Betrayal in Antara. There is currently a border dispute between Mehrat and Antara.


Mehrat lies on the same continent as Antara, to the north and west of several Antaran-held cities. The border between Mehrat and Antara is under dispute, with Mehrat scouts and spies detected as far east as Burlen.

Since Mehrat's terrain is rife with ambush-worthy ledges and outcroppings, their mages developed a jealously guarded technique for enhancing the accuracy of arrows, as well as the Attractor, a device which reduces arrow-strikes by luring arrows to shields instead of flesh. Attractors are now produced in the Empire as well.


During the recent Feeblepox epidemic, Mehrat's forces took advantage of reduced security to annex two of the Empire's districts, leaving the border under dispute. Antara's Imperial Army is currently fighting the Mehrat along the border, conscripting soldiers from as far away as Cardone. Smuggling is also occurring between Antara and Mehrat, even among Antarans formerly friendly with people across the border. Reports of possible Mehrat sabotage have led to an Imperial bridge between Pianda and Ticor being blocked by Imperial soldiers.

Many Antarans are concerned about a possible Mehrat invasion. Some share unfounded word-of-mouth rumors about a Mehrat alliance with Chail, believing that the kidnapping of the Imperial Consort was a ploy to drag Chail into the war on the side of the Mehrat.

Antarans currently hold deep prejudices toward humans from Mehrat, even those whose family have lived in Antara for generations.


  • "MEHRAT" is the solution to a lever chest found on the road near Midova: Ungrateful wretches, unworthy of the Empire / they despise.
  • The party can help a pair of government agents capture a Mehrat spy in Levosche in Chapter 4.