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Masliths near Waterfork.

Masliths are venomous reptiles dwelling in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal at Antara. They are first encountered in Chapter 1.


Masliths are green reptiles smaller than Carliths. They have four limbs and hiss when attacking or when struck.

In Chapter 1, Masliths are found solely underground, in the Aspreza Caves, Kyree Colony, and the Aliero Mines. In Chapter 2, they appear inland near Waterfork due to the drought. They roam the forests and roads of the Antaran province in Chapters 4 and 5.

In Battle[]

When not adjacent to a party member, Masliths can spit white gobs of venom, poisoning anyone they strike. When standing next to a party member, a Maslith can do damage by biting them.

A poisoned party member will lose 1 Stamina or Health for every turn during which the poison is active. To remove the poison before the battle is over, a character must use Senwater. Healing is much more difficult for a character who is still poisoned after battle.

To ward armor against Maslith poison, characters must use Fidali Paste, an armor enhancement made by combining Ale and Fidali Leaves. The enhancement must be reapplied before every Maslith battle.


  • Masliths can be searched after battle, but never carry items.
  • Chee, the leader of Kyree Colony, mentions that Masliths are allowed to inhabit their tunnels because the Montari consider Masliths delicious.