Marlon at his shop in Beluckre.

Marlon is the proprietor of Marlon's Mercantile, a Beluckre shop in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 8.


Marlon is an effusive and unctuous shopkeeper. He is exceedingly concerned about the condition of his customers' skin, and boasts that his Sencream is so good that he can't keep it on the shelves. He explains that the substance is composed of aloecholol, glycerium, Fidali leaves, Senwater, and Fatty Meat (to keep flesh soft and supple), but that he's out of everything but the first two ingredients and doesn't know when the rest will arrive.

Special ServicesEdit

If given 1 Fidali Leaf, 1 Senwater, and 1 piece of Fatty Meat, Marlon provides the party with a jar of Sencream to give to Misha. He refuses pay, satisfied that with the ingredients at hand he can make more Sencream to sell "at the most exorbitant prices imaginable."

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