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Maris (center) in battle.

Maris is a mage who was involved with the kidnapping of the Imperial Consort in Betrayal in Antara. She appears in Chapter 6.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.


Maris, a Ghanish mage, had been with Gar Warren and the Shepherds for years. She suggested using the caves north of Ticoro as their headquarters. According to Warren, she helped right from the start to pull together the kidnapping operation, and then stole the Consort from under Warren's nose, using a magic portal and telling someone on the other end that Khaleth would have their heads if they weren't careful with the prisoner.

After William Escobar and Aren Cordelaine confront Warren in the Shepherd Headquarters, Maris is brought in, tightly held between two Shepherds. She is unremorseful, and in response to Warren's accusations she wrenches free and claps her hands together, releasing a magic spell that tosses her guards aside. When Aren frantically tries to ask her about the Consort, she offers battle as her answer, and dies without revealing anything more.

In Battle[]

Maris is a Shepherd Mage. Wearing Shepherd Armor and wielding a Quarterstaff, she attacks alone, with no backup, and is not difficult to defeat.

She carries 1 Abrida's Conduit and 1 Steadfast Tonic.


  • Despite being referred to with feminine pronouns in the game's text, Maris is represented during her fight by a standard Shepherd Mage sprite with a baritone voice.