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Maria Liana at the Isten Amphitheater shortly before a performance.

Maria Liana is an acclaimed thespian in Isten in Betrayal in Antara.


Maria Liana is a well-known Isten actress currently starring in The Academy of Broken Hearts in Isten. She is the mother of Simon Liana. When he joined the Shepherds, she bought him a case of Linagan apple brandy from Mackey the merchant; she regards the Shepherds as "charming free spirits" and "young idealists, full of romantic notions about changing the world," and believes, with reason, that Simon got his impulsive nature from her.

The party is led to Liana in their search for information about the Shepherds, following Mackey's information and the rave reviews of a theater-loving couple in Varnesse. After obtaining tickets, the party can enter the Amphitheater before the night's performance and meet Liana. She enjoys the attention and readily engages in conversation about her career, her son, the Shepherds, and last season's production of The Mana of Love.

According to Liana, Simon's impulsivity led him to leave the Shepherds behind, after which he joined the Children of Henne and dedicated his life ("this year of it, anyway," she remarks) to the divine patron of the theatrical arts, a decision she regards as ironic. She directs them to his last known location, Durst in Old Chuno, a province which she describes as hopelessly rural but admits to "the mystique, the aura if you will, of living so close to the Waste."

Upon bidding them farewell, she charges the party to bring her regards to Simon, in terms dramatic enough to fully prove the message is from her.

Stage Productions[]

  • The Academy of Broken Hearts (currently running): a starring role as Empress Corlene, alongside Gerald Vardese.
  • The Mana of Love (previous season): starred as Siarrah the Mage, who summoned a beast from Etherea, fell in love with him, sent him back so he could survive, and died "quite beautifully" after a fifteen-minute farewell monologue. A hit with the critics, though Liana doesn't consider it her best work.
  • Meet Me In Januli: a musical in which Liana's singing was remarkable.
  • Ghan with the Wind (several years ago): a sensational play about the Bakril tornado, in which Liana performed brilliantly.