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Well regarded as a researcher among his brethren at the Abbey of Ishap at Sarth, Brother Marc has a knack for finding obscure scraps of information. Whether researching the mating habits of the Kuilli birds of Kelewan or the chess gambits of the ancient Keshian game masters, it is rare that he is unable to answer a visitor’s question. He is warmly remembered by all who meet him as a man with a friendly smile and gentle eyes.

He is met tending a garden outside Sarth.

Asked by Owyn about spellcasting, he redirects him to Brother Dominic but as he is busy, he offers to teach him some things for 50 sovereigns. He gives the hint about concentrating, feeling the target instead of only seeing it with his eyes; he also suggets Lewton's Concentrate to help him with his exercises. Although Owyn botches it and throws him down, the Spellcasting skill is increased.
Spells (if asked about spellcasting)
Owyn mentions that he will need something in case they run against something dangerous. Marc offers to go to The Vaults and fetch the Flamecast spell for 30 sovereigns.
He says that they can visit the Vaults although Brother Anthony doesn't like strangers wandering aroudn without supervision.