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A city at the south of the Kingdom of the Isles, between Darkmoor and Lyton. To the northwest is the Temple of Ruthia.

Originally the town was located near Malac's Dragon, but because of new invasions by Keshian raiders from the Sea of Dreams, the town was relocated near the ancient Abbaye Ishap to be inside its see, as the Ishapian brothers were of Keshian origin. Indeed, the raids stopped and after a tumultuous town, after centuries of prosperity, it became a busy trading center.



NW to the path leading to the city, there is a small graveyard. None of them includes any treasure.

  • Jalice Riggens: Mother. Wife. Lover
  • Warren Gunther: Greatfully Dead
  • J.R. Halbhuber: Death by association. (no body)
  • Lewece Champetier: Lover her Kings (no body)
  • Vlandra Maggard: Lost her mind before her life. (Shade)