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A man of remarkable intensity and great mental resources, Makala is a Great One, one of the Great Ones, a member of the Tsurani Assembly of Magicians. Dressed in the mode of a Great One, he always wears a voluminous black robe that hides his otherwise frail frame.

Since the Riftwar, Makala has been an avid student of the war between the Tsurani and the Kingdom of the Isles, spending a great deal of time visiting with Master Magician Pug discussing historical and magical issues. Makala had been talking to Prince Arutha about establishing a permanent rift to encourage trade between the Kingdom and the Tsurani.

Chapter 1[]

However a valuable ruby from his entourage was stolen by grey warriors.

Chapter 2[]

He sits next to Pug in the council meeting when Gorath arrives. Gamina isn't able to probe his mind to say if he tells the truth, but Makala already did, and confirms his good intentions. Makala said that Emperor Ichindar doesn't wish for war in the Kingdom as the rift-making secret would fall to the hands of barbarians, and that would disrupt trade between the Kingdom and Kelewan. Makala also asked Gorath what is his benefit to break his oath betray Delekhan to their enemy, the Kingdom, and Gorath described his hatred for Delekhan, and the harm he does to the northern tribes.

The other day, he went walking with Pug to discuss about magic.