"Anyone who employs magic must have a focus for the power

he uses. Priests have power to focus their magic through prayer; their incantations are a form of prayer. Magicians use their bodies, or devices, or books and scrolls." — Master Magician Pug


Two kinds of magic exist on Midkemia: magic of the Greater Path and magic of the Lesser Path. Lesser Path magicians are the original human practitioners of the magic arts. Long before the Riftwar with Kelewan, when the Greater Path magic was brought to Midkemia, the forerunners of the Lesser Path began their explorations into the nature of the universe, especially into the nature of magic. These early magicians became tribal shaman, medicine men, and witches and warlocks.

As civilization rose, so did the estate of the Lesser Path, though never as quickly nor as high. Old superstitions die hard and the Lesser Path magicians became objects for distrust, fear and even active persecution. As a result, most modern Lesser Path magicians tend to be solitary creatures, rarely gathering in large social groups. Even those that live in cities tend to have few friends or acquaintances. The exception is at the Academy Of Magicians, a place where many who walk the Lesser Path have found fellowship in the brotherhood of magicians.

In general, the Lesser Path magician is seen as a person who is involved in the “craft” of magic while the Greater Path is seen as the path of scholars. This is partially incorrect, as those who follow the Lesser Path possess a great deal of knowledge about the nature of magic. But it is generally true that Lesser Path is a talent, while the Greater Path is associated with scholarship. Lesser Path magicians approach their education in a much more ritualistic manner than do those of the Greater Path.

At one time it was believed that Greater Path and Lesser Path powers could not be combined; but Pug, the most powerful magician in Midkemia, proved that it was possible to use the Lesser Path skills he had learned as a young magician on Midkemia, and the Greater Path skills he learned as an adult. Pug now teaches both Lesser and Greater Path magic at his academy at Stardock.

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