Mackey the merchant and his "little shop on wheels."

Mackey is a Ticoran merchant in Betrayal in Antara. He first appears in Chapter 2.


A jovial merchant, Mackey has traveled "from the Glassrock Mountains in the west to the Chailan bazaars in the east." He likes the Grrrlf for their skill in woodwork and their self-sacrifice in risking their own health to help humans with Feeblepox, despite some blaming them for the disease. Accordingly, he has no use for the Shepherds and would sooner spit on them for hunting Grrrlf down like dogs.

In Chapter 4, he trades information about the cult for 10 burlas, directing the party to an actress in Isten who bought a crate of Linagan apple brandy from him for her her son who was joining the Shepherds.


Mackey sells goods out of a cart, boasting that his "little shop on wheels" is always open. In Chapter 2, he is found on the road east of Ormede, and in Chapters 4 and 6 he waits at the crossroads west of Ticoro, east of Varnesse, and north of Melay.

Mackey sells Small Shields; Short Swords; Arrows; Herbal Powder; Oil; Armorer's Hammers; Rope; and Whetstones. He buys all Potions and Tools.

Unlike other Shops, Mackey's is open at all hours of day and night.

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