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Lord Lyton lives in a house with a farm north of Lyton in Betrayal at Krondor. His first mention is in Chapter 1, and his first appearance in Chapter 2.


A gangly man with snow-grey hair and a white beard, Lyton is a lord in the service of Earl Presser of Romney.

Chapter 1[]

If the party arrives at Lyton's house, they are turned away with the explanation that the lord is busy meeting with a reeve sent from Earl Presser.

Chapter 2[]

A female servant ushers the party to a partitioned corner in Lord Lyton's house. The lord appears behind a curtain, apologizing for the humble accommodations. He explains that with the passing of Earl Presser, inherited by a half-brother who now holds Lyton's service, his obligation to equip knights bound for Romney has doubled. In exchange for his help, he asks the party to provide him with six sets of Standard Kingdom Armor with which to fulfill the new Earl's order.