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Lokath in Choth.

Lokath is a Ghanish mercenary in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 6.

Appearance and Personality[]

Lokath is a heavily muscled mercenary with thickset features, wearing a tunic with sleeves cut off at the shoulder to show off his assets. A rough, crass individual, he complains about the dancing girl sent to him by Khorus Bale and is willing to see fellow mercenaries die to prove the worth of new recruits.


Lokath serves in a mercenary force commanded by Khaleth. After being recommended to him by Khorus Bale in their quest to find Khaleth, the party can find Lokath in Choth and ask him about employment. Doubting their capabilities, Lokath calls two other Mercenaries into the "interview process," forcing the party to defeat them in order to progress.

Once the attack is defeated, Lokath concedes that the party may be of some use and decides to test them in the field before committing to anything, sending them to deliver Rations and a Sealed Note to Lieutenant Birge in Imazi.

When the party returns from this mission and gives him Birge's report in another Sealed Note, Lokath agrees to have them introduced to Khaleth.