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The youngest son of the Baron of Land's End, Seigneur Locklear has been the constant friend of Jimmy the Hand since they were boys. His mind is razor sharp; an attribute that has made him a valuable asset to Krondor. Although physically slower than Jimmy, he can usually defeat him in rapier duels because of his shrewd combat strategies. Jimmy also has taught him some tricks, like Lockpicking, and showed him around the Sewers of Krondor, used by the Mockers.

Locklear sports a healthy tan year round as he often vacations near his father at Land's End. He is one of the finest swordsmen in Midkemia. One of the most honored nobles at Krondor, he is a peer of the royal family.

Serving Prince Arutha conDoin he achieved great notoriety, and fought during the Great Rising, notably the battles of Armengar and Sethanon for which he was decorated; during the Battle of Sethanon he was in a cellar with women until rescued by Dubal An Loch. He has also spent some time with the soldiers of the Shamata garrison and played pokiir (although he is more familiar with the game of pashawa).

Reports of a conflict raging among the moredhel of the Northlands, at the 9nth year of the reign of King Lyam I he was dispatched to a northern garrison to investigate. Shortly after his arrival his escort was attacked by moredhel]. Cut off from his companions, he saw a moredhel attacking someone; he killed the aggressor to save the poor man's life, only to discover that he was a half-moredhel, Gorath

Knowing that Murmandamus's battle standards raised over Sar-Sargoth and moredhel gathering army to attack the Kingdom, he decided to escort Gorath to Krondor. On their way from the Northlands they passed through the Inclindel, stalked by moredhel assassins twice. Eventually Owyn joined their camp and tended his wounds, when Gorath killed a third assassin stalking them. Locklear decided to remove the chains from Gorath so that they can protect themselves better, and forced Owyn to join them as their squire, so that he wouldn't talk to anyone.

Finally reaching Krondor after many days, adventures and attacks and traps by assassins, a young watchman of the Krondorian Lancers told them that the gate mechanism to the palace had been broken for 3 days; asked about Arutha, he was told that he had an important meeting with Pug and Makala and would not be disturbed, and Seigneur James was missing for 2 days. He resolved to using the Sewers as Jimmy had taught him. While down there they were attacked by men dressed as Nighthawks and Jimmy showed up, and gave him a Royal Key of Krondor, with which they could open the grates leading up to the palace.