Sister Liselle.

Sister Liselle is a healer in Betrayal in Antara. She appears in Chapters 1 and 2.


Sister Liselle is a Sister of Senaedrin traveling to Aspreza to deal with a Feeblepox outbreak there. Along with three other Sisters, she was waylaid on the road just northwest of Ligano by four drought-starved Black Montari. Pitying the Montari even while fearing their apparent savagery, the Sisters threw all their provisions to the starving attackers, who eagerly devoured the food. With none remaining, the Sisters were still under siege when William Escobar, Kaelyn Usher, and Aren Cordelaine arrived and defeated the Montari raiders.

Thanking the travelers, Liselle offers to heal them, and gasps at sensing the shadow of the Feeblepox in William; she had not been expecting to find that he was a survivor. Learning that her Sisters healed him in the pox's early stages but that his oldest brother was not as lucky, Liselle blesses him.

In answer to the party's questions, Liselle describes the progress of the Pox across the Antaran Empire, comparing it to a prairie fire sweeping over the land. She reports an outbreak in Phorlia, a Chailan city, last season, believing it to have been caused by blockade-runners or smugglers; a robust border watch has mostly kept the plague contained otherwise. Strangely, there have been no reports of pox west of the Glassrock Mountains. The Sisters feared the Mehrat would bring it when they crossed the Ridge to fight, but have seen no sign of it there.

With their provisions gone and the southward road scoured clean by starving Montari, Liselle fears she and her Sisters will reach Aspreza only in time to shepherd souls instead of healing bodies. If the party gives her 24 Rations, she and the Sisters depart for Aspreza and arrive in time to save most of the townspeople. If the party doesn't give the Sisters rations, they remain on the road during Chapter 1, but most residents of Aspreza die of the pox by Chapter 2.

After the Sisters depart from the road, Liselle can be found outside a house in Aspreza.

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