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"Do not struggle so, Haseth. I wish to keep you alive. But be glad I do not. The goddess of death will show you greater mercy."

Lims-Kragma, also known as the Drawer of Nets, is the Goddess of Death on Midkemia in Betrayal at Krondor.

She is worshipped in the Temple of Lims-Kragma, although the Mother Matriarch is in Rillanon.

Cultural influence[]

In her halls there is no joy or love, but nor sorrow of or pain. Only those who have sworn dark oaths, like the Nighthawks, should be afraid of her, whom she punishes with everlasting pain.

The Prayer of Final Rest is an invocation of Lims-Kragma herself.

Beyla remarks that some rusalki hide their presence to avoid being sent to Lims-Kragma's halls.