Lord Lighton in the Backstage Club in Isten.

Lord Lighton is an Isten noble in Betrayal at Antara. He appears in Chapter 4.


A local noble fond of parties, dice, cards at the Backstage Club, and theatrical performances at the Isten Amphitheater, Lord Lighton had recently bought out a night's showing of Maria Liana's latest show, giving the tickets to cronies and locals as favors and shows of status. While one set of tickets can be found in a bead chest south of town, Lighton is holding another pair in reserve, enjoying the leverage over petitioners hoping to see the play.

The party can encounter Lighton at the local inn, the Backstage Club, after he has cleaned out the rest of the patrons in a game of cards. He refuses to simply give away a pair of tickets, but offers to stake them at cards if the party can win the rest of his cash. Either William Escobar or Aren Cordelaine can be chosen to play.

Lighton enjoys the match as long as he wins, but with a high enough Gambling stat (and possibly the assistance of Essence of the Wind, his funds and the tickets can be won. Afterwards, Lighton refuses a rematch, wryly referring to their playing style as "provincial," which William, sputtering, interprets as calling him a country bumpkin. Aren laughs and tells him he'll get used to it.

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