Lightning Bugs blocking the path.

Lightning Bugs are swarms of electrical insects inhabiting the swamps of Ghan in Betrayal in Antara. They are only encountered in Chapter Six.


Lightning Bugs are tiny, bright yellow yellow insects which travel in swarms the size of a human. They sting and can launch electricity attacks when disturbed. The swarms make electrical buzzing sounds when on the move, and usually travel in groups of three or four.

In BattleEdit


A swarm preparing for an electric attack.

Lightning Bugs attack by stinging when adjacent, and by throwing electrical charges (similar to the Emulsify spell) when distant. The swarms can be damaged with almost any conventional or magical weapon, and eventually fall to the ground and dissipate when their strength is exhausted.

The Winterstaff's cold charges and cold- or ice-based magic attacks do not work on Lightning Bugs. The spell Aura of Insulation shields from electric attacks, as does applying Grounding Wire to armor before each battle. A Diamond Shieldstones can also be used to protect against electric attacks.


The Cold Mage explains that Lightning Bugs are driven to a frenzy by cold, and gives the party a Winterstaff if they help him protect himself from them.

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