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Ligano. T: thieves' den. R: Rose. K: Kalyx. W: wrecked house. H: hospital. The gully leading to the Temple of Henne is directly to the south.

Ligano is a Piandan town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It is visited in Chapters 1, 2, and 6.


Ligano is northeast of Sortiga, east of Midova, and southwest of Imazi. A Temple of Henne occupies a gully directly south of town.


Inn: Shady Vale

  • Amenities: Bread; Roast Chicken; Leg of Lamb. Rooms are available for 6 burlas.
  • Economic opportunity: in Chapter 2, if the party reaches Ligano before clearing the Sortiga-Ligano route of marauding Montari, the inkeeper is willing to pay more than triple the going rate for +12 Ale.
  • Conversation: in Chapter 6, Scott Gratisi is here with a bad pun and unhelpful advice.

Shop: Lucky Charms


  • On the party's second knock at a supposedly empty house, someone inside tells them to go away because there's pox inside. If the party chooses to break down the door anyway, they find a thieves' den containing three Bandits, who pour out and attack. After defeating them, the party can find a Leather Jerkin, a Short Sword, 14 burlas, a Whetstone, and +12 Herbal Powder inside the house, which becomes an Empty House from then on.
  • Rosie, a middle-aged woman whose dress is as flowery as her rose-covered house, makes a series of rosebush-related puns as she explains that her dear friend and neighbor, Sergeant Kalyx, organized many townsfolk in defense against the Montari. After the road is clear, she credits Kalyx entirely and suggests the party should visit him.
  • Retired Sergeant Kalyx isn't home before the Sortiga-Ligano road is cleared of Montari, but afterwards the party can give the grizzled old soldier some Rations and encourage him to share them with Rosie. In return, Kalyx gives them some combat pointers, boosting their Defense.
  • A wrecked house, possibly the result of a Montari raid, gives Aren the creeps.
  • A woman in a makeshift hospital says the town lacks medicines and salves due to the Montari blockade. If the party gives her the Herbal Powder from the thieves' house, they get an Assessment boost.


  • Sergeant Kalyx's name is a reference to the calyx of a flower, the collective name for the bloom's protective sepals.
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