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Lewton's Concentrate is a potion sold in the Kingdom of the Isles. It increases the drinker's Casting Accuracy in Betrayal at Krondor.


Lewton's Concentrate, a deep blue liquid sold in vials, grants concentration intense enough to blind the the imbiber to events outside their field of focus. Magicians are often seen carrying vials of Concentrate and taking a dram of the potion before performing intricate spellwork or casting complex incantations. The potion is thick and sweet enough to tantalize, and acts on the brain to narrow the spellcaster's focus.


  • Stackable up to 12; each vial takes up one Inventory space.
  • One dose provides +30 Accy: Casting to the drinker for the duration of one battle.
  • Since Lewton's Concentrate is intended for spellcasters, only Owyn Beleforte and Pug the Magician can use it.