Leon, a courier in Midova.

Leon was a courier in the city of Midova in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 2.


Leon is a Mehrat by lineage. Though born and raised in Midova, he encounters prejudice from citizens of the Antaran Empire.

Leon worked as a courier in Midova under a boss who referred to him as a "dirty Mehrat." While carrying a package from Paolo Verazza to Antoni Octomont, he was waylaid by masked nobles, one with a flashy ruby ring, who stole the package and injured his arm. Leon's boss fired him for losing the package, claiming not to believe his story. Afterward, Leon didn't go to the magistrates about the matter either, knowing that they wouldn't believe the word of a Mehrat against unnamed nobility.

Two weeks later, with his arm badly bandaged, Leon was drinking in the Greener Pasture when he was approached by Kaelyn Usher, who criticized his bandaging skills. He told the party his story and they wished him luck.

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