Laura Miller is a Brialan woman who was informally engaged to Aren Cordelaine in Betrayal in Antara. She appears in Chapters 1 and 2.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Laura is approximately Aren's age, with a gentle face and wavy hair bound in a ribbon, wearing a shirt with mid-length sleeves and blue embroidery under a brown-and-white jumper. She lives with her parents in a house next to the Spitting Lion Inn and is described by her mother as "such a beauty, yet so eager to help out around the house."


The party can meet Laura at the well in Briala. In Chapter 1, she greets Aren eagerly. On learning that Aren's leaving town, she asks if his father is sending him to Imazi, wishing they were married so she could go too, but is confused and crestfallen when he explains his magic and says he's leaving town for a while with no idea when he'll be back. He tells her to stay with her parents and take care of the children when he's gone, and says he'll miss her. Her mother later describes her as inconsolable, unable to eat a full dinner, with eyes red from crying.

In Chapter 2, Laura lets Aren know that her mother is hoping there's still time to plan for a spring wedding, and that old Gertrude Roselle's cottage is available for them now that she's moved down to be with her daughter in Aspreza. Laura excitedly describes how they could fix the cottage into a little dream house with roses and a white picket fence. However, Aren -- now well-traveled by Brialan standards -- admits that he can no longer be comfortable looking forward to the life of a small-town innkeeper, and tells her not to wait for him. He tells her he only wants her happiness, but she realizes he doesn't love her anymore and doesn't want to be part of making that happiness. After bidding him farewell, she leaves the well and does not appear in the remainder of the game.

Once news gets around town that she and Aren are no longer an item, the local mastercooper's son, Eugene, shows interest in courting her. Aren advises him to curry favor with Mrs. Miller by helping in her bakery.



Laura Miller with a sad expression.

  • The Guidebook shows a screencap of an unused sprite of Laura with a sad face.
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