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LaMut is a town in the Kingdom of the Isles in Betrayal at Krondor. Located shortly south of where the game starts, it is one of the first towns the party can visit.


In many ways the town looked like something created on an alcoholic binge; rude dwarven shacks smashed up against delicate elven shops while weird Tsurani taverns grew from a press of Kingdom-style buildings. A sign outside the city gate had summed it up well: All who visit LaMut are equal for in LaMut all is equally queer.

It is said that it is good luck to throw coins in the LaMutian river, so coins can be found in it.

The permanent Rift Gate is said to be nearby.



South of the town there are several graves

  • Goldie Crowe - In death her face was that of a sovereign (13 sovereigns)
  • Michel Ambazac - As you are, I once was. As I am, you will be
  • Mirriam Haselcalph - to the Drawer of Nets she took her key
  • Rosel LaMutian - Her face was sweet and her hands could heal. (4 Restoratives)
  • A.R. Cramond - He told a lie and paid the price.
  • Jad Peebles - He engaged in his last undertaking (Letter to thank the Six for the shipment of magical traps, and about a witch employed who will test them)
  • Victor Marmallion - A cad. A cur. We loved him still (no body)
  • Pargus Attacarper - His fish didn't get away
  • Hyden Miller - A bone did him in
  • Klamontala Pechta - Touched by flames for honor's sake (10 Flaming Quarrels)
  • Stranger - His chest was opened by a moredhel