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Chee, the colony leader, standing in a cavern in Kyree.

Kyree Colony is a Montari colony located in the south of Pianda in Betrayal at Antara.

The colony is first accessed in Chapter 1.


The entrance to Kyree Colony is located in the cliffside between Balmestri and Sortiga.

Kyree's caves are dug mainly in in sand, loam, and shale. The colony is an extensive series of caverns, passages and tunnels, some too low or narrow for human access. Locked chests can be found in several of the caverns and tunnels. There are no lights, as the Montari need none in their daily lives.

Masliths and Carliths also inhabit Kyree's tunnels.

Chee, the colony's leader, can be found in a cavern in the southeast area of the colony. To the northeast lies an underground river, first seen slowed to a trickle by a drought in Pianda.


Kyree Colony is governed by Chee, a Montari of the Gold-furred ruling class. The Montari also have craftspeople, workers, and warriors, including mages. These three classes, the Grey, Black, and Brown, are expected to remain in the colony and have no contact with toplanders.


Kyree Colony, like other local Montari colonies, was first delved by the ancestors of the colony's current inhabitants. Over the ages, the Montari have continued to expand the colony, tunneling as much as 500 feet per day where the soil is good.

Chapter 1[]

When the drought and Lord Gerson's interference deprived the colony of its river, starving Black and Brown Montari illicitly left the colony to raid the countryside and other colonies for nourishment. While condemning their actions, Chee acknowledged their desperation.

Chapter 2[]

In the past, a Montari died saving the life of a Ghanish mystic named Enkudi. Learning of the colony's difficulties, Enkudi promised Chee to restore its water source by magical means. He ultimately created a dowsing rod which unleashed Kyree's river once again.

Chapter 6[]

At a request from William Escobar, the Montari of Kyree aid the townspeople of Imazi in digging a tunnel under Lord Gerson's moat, supporting their effort to take Gerson's estate in revenge for his part in diverting the colony's river.


  • Kyree Colony has no unmined treasures.
  • Chee mentions that Masliths are allowed in Kyree because the Montari consider them delicious.
  • The Montari of Kyree call Enkudi "the Wetlander."