Raal's father, Krrrfrrrlaak.

Krrrfrrrlaak is the leader of a Grrrlf pack near the Ridgewood in Betrayal in Antara. He is the father of Raal and appears in Chapter Five.


After Kaelyn Usher saved his cub Raal from an attack by a bear, Krrrfrrrlaak and his pack gradually accepted her as one of their own. He calls her "skin-daughter" and considers her and her father part of the pack, a family feeling reciprocated by the Ushers.

Krrrfrrrlaak is old but hale, with darker patterns of facial marking than Raal, and wears a topknot of feathers and a fringed tunic. In addition to Raal, he has a younger son, Gaarrrl, who became an adult two moons ago upon discovering his spirit song and is now named Faagaarrrl.

Believing that exposure to Grrrlf customs would promote understanding between humans and Grrrlf, Krrrfrrrlaak arranged to have his pack perform the Karrruf during the Festival at Ticoro. After the kidnapping of the Imperial Consort from the city, he sent Raal to bring Kaelyn to him for a message that he wanted to give her in person, as well as news of her father's disappearance and the haunting of the Ridgewood by Wraiths.

Raal and Kaelyn meet with Krrrfrrrlaak at the edges of the Ridgewood, either north of Darvi or east of Grandeur. After greeting them, he tells Kaelyn that he approaches Harrr-Quan, and invites Kaelyn and her father, always friends of the pack, to attend the ceremony. He tells her that the Grrrlf have been summoned back to the Ancestral Den to protect each other from the Wraiths, describing their traits and abilities, and confirms that the pack lost contact with her father since the first spectres appeared in the woods; his scouts continue to sniff for him without success. Kaelyn accepts Krrrfrrrlaak's invitation, despite her grief, and he permits Raal to continue accompanying her on her quest, telling both to "keep your ears to the ground and your muzzles to the wind."

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