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Krondor: The Betrayal, cover art by Liz Kenyon.

Krondor: The Betrayal (November 1998) is a fantasy novel by Raymond E. Feist. A novelization of the computer game Betrayal at Krondor, it is based on the story by Neal Hallford, John Cutter, and Raymond E. Feist, and is the first of four novels in The Riftwar Legacy.


A moredhel known as Gorath has brought news of deadly forces stirring on the horizon. The Nighthawks have begun murdering again, and a group of six magicians known as The Six are at the root of it all. Tsurani gem smugglers led by The Crawler and traitors to the crown are all plotting the fall of the Kingdom of the Isles. Squires James and Locklear must fend off the reunited moredhel while Gorath and his newly gained friend Owyn seek to aid the magician Pug and the kingdom.