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Captain Kroldech is a moredhel leader in Betrayal at Krondor. He appears in Chapter 5.


Kroldech is known as far south as Krondor for murdering the inhabitants of desired dwellings and then setting up residence in the resulting "empty" building, writing the number of victims killed in each dwelling in red above the door.

Following his usual routine, he set up a command post in Raglam to plan an all-out assault on Northwarden. When he refused to pay the moredhel engineer who built a catapult for him, the engineer removed a critical gear so the mechanism would not work, loaded the machine with poison, and aimed it at Kroldech's house. Meanwhile, tavern talk at Raglam's Hobble concerned Kroldech's receipt of the final orders for the upcoming attack, a move regarded by some as futile without the engineer's help, while Kroldech locked himself in his command post to create battle plans for a goblin offensive to accompany the Northwarden assault.

After the party uses the catapult, they can enter the building to find Kroldech lying dead against the door, his body in a fetal position with his hands clutching his throat. They leave with a Sword of Lims-Kragma, 150 sovereigns, and Kroldech's company orders for the Northwarden attack.