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Korellyn's joke after being asked whether she knows any herblore.

Korellyn, once known as 'Korellyn the Healer' but now by names 'not nearly so becoming,' is an elderly human woman in Betrayal in Antara. She can be found in the edge of the forest just north of Sortiga in Chapter 1, and is an important character in the Farmer Brunia Quest.

Description and Biography[]

Korellyn is an old woman with brick-brown eyes, frizzled graying hair still streaked with auburn, and a hungry, sardonic expression. She wears a voluminous gray coat and a pale kerchief, fine but stained, with GL monogrammed on the front.

Formerly a healer, Korellyn is an expert herbalist. After her entire family was killed by the Feeblepox, the villagers burnt her home and all her possessions to scourge the plague. Since then, she has survived by begging and by selling her less savory skills to farmers and nobles in the surrounding country.

After overhearing a farmer at the Inn boast about kicking a witch down the road before she could finish hexing his crop, the party can find Korellyn just outside town, seated directly north of the gap between Benje's house and the Shop. She begs a crust but Kaelyn Usher refuses her. She tells them about her life and gives some herblore tips, but also acknowledges her ability to wither crops and kill new-sown seeds, causing farmers to call her 'the Black Thumb' and pay her to stay away from their fields. When asked about farms near Imazi, she reports that an uppity noble paid her in herbs to dance a local farmer's field bare.

After meeting the uppity noble in Imazi, the party can return to Korellyn for the evidence needed to provoke a confession from him. For 6 burlas, Korellyn will sell the monogrammed silk kerchief he used to wrap the herbs he paid her with.

Upon leaving, William Escobar tells Korellyn to take care of herself; to which she replies, "If I don't, there'll be none to miss me."


  • Korellyn can heal the party for 15 burlas.
  • When asked about herblore, Korellyn describes the numbing effect that Nudberries have when eaten, recommending them, despite their taste, as a painkiller and sleep aid. She mentions that the roots are less effective. Nudberries cannot be used in Chapter 1 but are employed to make poisoned darts later in the game.
  • Though Korellyn readily sells her kerchief when asked and the party takes it away, her sprite still appears to wear it for the remainder of the game.