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The King's men are soldiers of the King's company in Betrayal at Krondor.


Mitchel Waylander of the Glazer's Guild found the King's men elusive and untrusting, which James attributes to the risks of the company's job hunting assassins.


After several months of unrest in the Eastern portion of the Kingdom of the Isles, the King's men traveled from Bas-Tyra to Romney to support the city's craft guilds against a blockade by the Riverpullers. Their intercession was a key contributor to an uneasy but welcome peace between the guilds. During the ensuing negotitations, the company remained in Romney, but did not provide a reliable way for Waylander or other Guild members to contact their leader.

Chapter 3[]

The party arrives at Romney to meet with the King's men there, but are not permitted to enter without a Glazer's Guild seal. James asks Mitchel Waylander to pass a message to the company that "three men" will arrive soon to discuss "a nocturnal bird that kills at night."