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Khaleth in his encampment west of Choth.

Captain Khaleth is a Mercenary commander in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in Chapter 6.

This article contains plot or ending spoilers.


Khaleth is a mercenary who issues orders from a base camp in the hills west of Choth. William Escobar recognizes Khaleth's name as Ghanish, and Khorus Bale tells the party that Khaleth is always "looking for strong arms, or what passes for them in general company," and could use people with their resourcefulness.


Working with Maris for an undisclosed party, Khaleth's mercenaries kidnapped the Imperial Consort from his previous captors and transported him to a small house in the swamp north of Torlith. The mercenaries allowed another mage access to the Consort, then guarded the house and awaited further commands.

After completing a mission for Lokath, the party can receive an introductory Sealed Note to get them past Khaleth's guards. They find Khaleth in the center of a ring of tents, polishing a Broadsword. Convinced by Lokath's testimonial, Khaleth inducts them as new recruits and lays down his rules: they are to obey superiors without question, refrain from fights or drink on duty, and stick to their jobs and keep their noses clean to succeed in the outfit.

Khaleth then assigns the party to a pick-up job, since they did well with Lokath's drop-off. He gives them +7 Swampwalking Potion for the mercenaries waiting by the cabin in the swamp north of Torlith, along with orders to bring the prisoner in the cabin back to the camp immediately, warning that he would have their hides if they stopped for entertainment on the way.

As they leave, William remarks that Khaleth is dangerous and they should watch their step with him.

After William and Aren, unaware that Khaleth had planned to escort the prisoner from his camp to the Emperor, free him and flee for Antara, Khaleth sends mercenaries to hunt them through Chuno and the Antaran province, losing them at Ciaga Pass.


  • Though spelled "Khaleth" in the game's dialog, he is listed as "Kahleth" in the Flashback Screen.
  • Adrian, a mercenary now living in Durst, used to run with some of Khaleth's men. Despite Khaleth's strict command style, Adrian observes more carelessness among his troops than had been the case before.