Row 1: Red Key, Green Key, Gregor's Key; Row 2: Blue Key, Ramparts Key, Cellar Key.

Various Keys are used to unlock doors or gates in Betrayal in Antara. There are six Keys in the game, used respectively in Chapters 3, 4, 8, and 9.


Keys take up 1/4 of a full inventory slot. They cannot be sold. Unlike most key types in Betrayal at Krondor, each key can only be used on one specific lock in the game and does not disappear once used.

The standard description for a Key is: The simple iron key might fit any of hundreds of locks in the Empire, but its size suggested the lock it matched was too big for a chest. [Character] guessed a door was more likely.

Key ListEdit

Ramparts KeyEdit

  • Obtained: in Chapter 3, from Coulaine in Ticoro after reconciling him with his apprentice.
  • Use: unlocks the gate to Ticoro's Ramparts along the north wall of the city.
  • Description: The custom-made key looked like it would fit the massive locks on the rampart gates.

Red KeyEdit

  • Obtained: from a dirt mound south of Teal, after finding a map to the site in Brian Castere's grave.
  • Use: in Chapter 4, unlocks Gerard Fayle's house in Everton. The house remains unlocked after the first use.
  • Description: standard.

Blue KeyEdit

  • Obtained: in Chapter 4, from Natalie's sister in Everton, after reporting Natalie's illness to Sister Senena in Isten.
  • Use: in Chapter 4 and onward, unlocks the sister's house, directly opposite Natalie's house. The door locks again when the party leaves after each use; if left in the house, the key cannot be retrieved.
  • Description: standard.

Green KeyEdit

  • Obtained: from a woman in Eastbank who is convinced that the party has lost it and insists on "returning" it to them.
  • Use: in Chapter 4, unlocks the back door of Jaeger Forest Meister's house in Korus Landing.
  • Description: standard.

Gregor's KeyEdit

  • Obtained: from Misha in Beluckre, after giving her a flask of Sencream.
  • Use: in Chapter 8, unlocks Gregor's room at the inn in Havesly when given to the Innkeeper. The room locks again when the party leaves after each use; if left in the room, the key cannot be retrieved.
  • Description: Upon close inspection [character] saw the key wasn't actually silver. A thin layer of silver plating covered a standard door key.

Cellar KeyEdit

  • Obtained: from a chest on the second floor of Lord Sheffield's estate in Havesly.
  • Use: in Chapter 9, unlocks the Cellar Gate on the first floor of Sheffield's estate.
  • Description: Standard.
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