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Keth. D: Lord Dakka. T: trapper. S: surly man. B: Gerry Barcudi. E: Empty House.

Keth is a Ghanish town in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It can be visited in Chapter 6.


Keth lies east of Torlith, west of Ganath, and north of Choth. A bead puzzle chest and a Buried Cache can be found in the field north of town. Swamplands block passage further north.

Along with Elona, Keth is one of the few towns in the Empire to have no tavern or inn.

A coach runs from Keth to Torlith for 350 burlas.


Shop: The Forge[]

  • Sells: Montari Chain Mail; Montari Plate Mail; Tortoise Shield; Tower Shield; Arrow; Grrrlf Arrow; Senwater; Grounding Wire.
  • Buys: Shields, Armor.


Lord Dakka of Keth.

  • Lord Dakka, a brusque velvet-coated noble, mistakes the party for mercenaries and tells them to rejoin the others at Bakril and not to come back without his wine. Providing him with wine earns no reward; fortunately there's another option in Bakril.
  • A trapper offers the party croc meat, among other items of swamp cookin', for 30 burlas per 5 Rations. The party can return any time for more of that thar home-cooked croc meat.
  • A surly man answers the door, but when told the party is trying to find someone, declares "I haven't seen 'im," and slams it shut again.
  • Gerry Barcudi, a pleasant mage with a gift in the art of poisons, offers the party a plate of freshly-baked cookies. He claims to be frequently imployed by "some of the most powerful officials in the Shira, and a few Jaegers as well," remarking that almost everyone has someone they'd prefer to see dead. Aren asks for a magic lesson; for 75 burlas, Barcudi can teach him to create and use elementary poisons, adding +5 to his Spellcasting and +10 to Poison. Aren says it's well worth the sum "just to think of how nervous William will be from now on whenever he eats my cooking." Unfortunately, he cannot be questioned about the note from Sir Richard Densmore.
  • An Empty House contains Cheese, a Shovel, and a Whetstone.