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Kenting Rush is a village in the northeast of the Kingdom of the Isles in Betrayal at Krondor. It can first be visited in Chapter 1.


The village lies on both sides of the King's highway, north of Cavall Keep and south of the Temple of Kahooli. It is near the Kenting Hills in the Eastern Kingdom.

Partway through town, a well on the side of the road is locked with a Virtue Lock. Hidden inside is a soapstone Knight's Piece from the Keshian game of chess.


  • House: David Tatum, scribe and polymath, can provide a Scouting boost.
  • House: a young sculptor with a long beard, working on a stone statue. Owyn asks if the man is sculpting a woman from the rock. The sculptor sarcastically claims to be 'covering' a woman with stone instead, and rudely closes the door.
  • Abandoned inn
  • Abandoned house: 3 royals
  • Celindra's house: where Locklear stayed on the way to visit a friend in Northwarden the previous year. Locklear remembers fondly that he and Celindra got friendly over supper, and she snuck into his room during the night. When they knock, her husband, who has heard the whole story from Celindra, answers the door and immediately punches him.
  • Shop: Jewels, Keys, Rings
  • Bakery: The baker, a short man with a big belly and flour on his face, is baking bread at his wife's side. The smell of fresh bread fills the air, but the baker refuses to sell any, as he has an agreement to sell only to Tabar at the Candlemaker's Grin.
  • A house where a man and his freckle-faced son are working with a huge wire-lined cage full of pigeons. One bird is perched on the man's hand, but flies to the ceiling as the party arrives. The man mentions Thy Master's Will, a spell for controlling flying beasts, which is used mostly on Wyverns and requires one of their eggs.
  • Empty house

East path[]

  • Empty house
  • Empty house
  • Inn: Candlemaker's Grin

SW path[]

  • Tavern: Dagger 'n Star Tavern
  • The house of a joyful, large, bearded man. Seeing Gorath, he instantly concludes that the party was hired by Lurough to pull a joke on him, laughing and closing the door before they can explain.
  • The house of a tired woman whose husband harvests grain in a nearby field. She warns the party about shady people near the well, and the dishonest sorcerer down the road who tricks people out of their money.
  • The house of Shoral, the aforementioned sorcerer.