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Kellyn is a historian who lives near the crossroads north of Tanneurs in Betrayal at Krondor. He can be visited as early as Chapter 1.


Kellyn is a slight, balding historian who lives in a small, isolated farmhouse next to a cornfield. He is interested in the ancient Valheru, the Dragon Lords who once ruled Midkemia and the recent cataclysm near Sethanon. Writing a book about these matters, he had interviewed the folk living near Sethanon, who witnessed the cataclysm; they said that they saw the fabric of heaven folding itself revealing another universe beyond the skies, then an explosion and terrible beasts flying around the sky, possibly a sign of the Valheru.

He was visited by Locklear and his company and he refilled their water. He vows to figure it all out someday, and Locklear expresses interest in reading the book when he does.


The events alluded to by Kellyn are explained in A Darkness at Sethanon.