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Married to Pug, Katala came from Kelewan, the home of the Tsurani people. Their daughter is Gamina.


Katala’s calm nature, intelligence, and ability to deal with people tactfully have made her the natural leader of a diverse community of magic users and their families. A striking woman in her mid thirties with dark hair and large, dark eyes she commands the utmost respect and affection from those around her.

Chapter 2[]

Katala greets James when he is ready to leave for Romney. She tells him that Pug and Makala went out to discuss magic.

She says that probably Gamina went after her father to overheard the discussions about magic.
Magic Supplies
She mentions the Stardock Annex at Sarth, pointing out that it is not affiliated to Stardock. She also mentions Dabeh north of Romney, who buys from the Academy of Magic.