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Emperor Justin Valorian V.

Emperor Justin Valorian V is the current ruler of the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. He appears in the epilogue to Chapter 7 and the intro to Chapter 8.


The full title of the Emperor when announced to the Imperial Court is: His Imperial Majesty Justin Valorian V, Guardian of the Cloak, Champion of Harmony, Favored of the Triune.


Emperor Valorian V dwells in the Imperial Palace in Antara. He has reigned for approximately ten years.

His Daughter-Heir, chosen by the magical Imperial Cloak, is Aurora Valorian.


Recognizing his subjects' accomplishment.

The Emperor's role is laid out in a textbook in the Pernath Academy Library.

  • Family alliance with Chail
  • War with Mehrat
  • Open-gate policy for petitioners
  • Refusal to expand the foster system outside nobility