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Jhana at the Temple of Henne in Durst.

Jhana is a religious acolyte at the Durst Temple of Henne in Betrayal in Antara. She first appears in Chapter 4.


Jhana was not born in Durst, but was assigned there after Simon Liana was reassigned to Ravenne. In Durst, she learned about history of the Chunese tradition of tree reverence.

If William Escobar and Aren Cordelaine visit her after speaking to Maria Liana in Chapter 4, she tells them that Simon was reassigned by High Brother Fellich Marr, the Revered Hand of Henne, who can give them more information.

If Kaelyn Usher and Raal visit her in Chapter 7, she tells them that a local girl is trapped in a nearby forest fire trying to save an ancestral tree, and explains how such trees can be protected if reached in time. She can give them a travelers' blessing from Henne to pass through flames and save both girl and tree. When they return after doing so, the party receives another blessing through Jhana -- from Senaedrin instead of Henne, a rare instance of more than one Face acting through a single person.


Jhana sings a song to Henne; both Aren and Raal wish to stay in the chapel and hear her song. She sings it in full when the party speaks to her additional times:

Dewdrops on the spider web, sparkling in the morning sun,
A fawn peeks out from leaves of green, a bird takes wing.
Henne's light shines on the world, bringing hope and joy to the hearts of men...
Bringing hope and joy to the hearts of men.