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Jason is a human boy who works in the Black Sheep Tavern in Betrayal at Krondor. He can first be encountered in Chapter 1.


Jason works at the tavern in Romney.

He was associated with Master Carolus who had to leave for "a real nice place where people were like him" making Jason upset. Carolus told him that the Collectors would take him also to a pretty place where every boy would be like him and wont have to worry. Jason tried to not be scared and cried for days until he had a headache. As he was waiting for the Collectors, the tavern man found him and took him to the tavern in order to sweep the floor and scrub his pots until they come. He doesnt pay him but let him sleep in the coup with the chicken and feeds him with bread that hasnt greened.

A week ago the tavern keeper left for Silden and left Jason alone in the tavern.

Chapter 1[]

When spoken to, Jason fears the party is "the Collector" arriving to take him away. He tells them his story and that he works with no pay.

Chapter 3[]

The party learns that Jason witnessed Nighthawks entering the tavern and was told by them to leave, and that the tavernkeeper later took the opportunity to blame him for the massacre because anyone under the tavern's roof is the responsibility of everyone who works there. The party assures Jason that they are not there to punish him and let him know they might have more questions for him later.