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Januli is a province in the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. Chapters 8 and much of 9 take place in Januli.

History and Geography[]

Januli was absorbed into the Antaran Empire during its period of expansion. Its governor is Lord Cameron Sheffield, who lives in Havesly.

The province is mostly wooded, containing the towns of Breland, Knightridge, Beluckre, Nathby, Dumali, and Havesly. It forms the northeast corner of the Empire, bordered by Ghan and the Ridgewood to the west, the Harkune Mountains to the north, Pianda to the south, and the sea to the east.

Unknown to many Januli residents, a cave system beyond the Havesly salt mines leads to the Waste in the center of Old Chuno.


Due to the salt mines in the Harkune Mountains, the salt trade in Antara was dominated by Lord Sheffield until the discovery of salt mines in Ticor. Pirates plaguing the coastlines of Januli and Pianda -- and secretly taking refuge in private coves owned by Lord Sheffield -- contributed to the shipping strike along Antara's eastern coast, secretly engineered by Lord Caverton to lure business away from Januli. The guildmaster of the salt miners, a resident of Dumali, is in the process of moving to Ticor because Caverton is paying his moving costs. Despite Lord Sheffield's efforts to work with the merchants, Januli's economic base is becoming difficult to sustain.

The smiths of Januli produce a small number of Januli Greatswords each year. Januli Juleps, a highly alcoholic beverage, are also characteristic of the region.


Temple of Kor[]

  • Location: north of the road between Breland and Havesly.
  • A priest explains that this Temple of Kor at the foot of the Harkune Mountains occupies the fortress of the first Shepherd garrison, where the Triune first manifested to contemplative soldiers during the Age of Magic.
  • Services: Blessing.

Temple of Senaedrin[]

  • Located in the forest just north of Knightridge.
  • Services: Heal, Cure Poison.


  • Aside from sentient enemies, Januli boasts Trerangs and ravenous packs of Karn.


  • The province appears in a stage production starring Maria Liana, Meet Me In Januli.
  •  The miner of Quigley Castle in Aliero recounts several digs in the region, finding minerals such as lapis lazuli in Januli, beryl in Breland, and ruby in Nathby.