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Seigneur James, formerly known as Jimmy the Hand, is a playable character in Betrayal at Krondor. He is first encountered in Chapter 1 and is part of the party in Chapters 2, 3, 5 and 7.


Once known as Jimmy the Hand, Seigneur James is the son of the Upright Man, the leader of the thieves' guild in Krondor, though James is not aware of his true heritage. His theiving skills and quickness were legendary, but now, elevated to the nobility by Prince Arutha, Seigneur James has taken his position of authority very seriously, though he still wanders his old thief haunts in disguise...on occasion. He is extremely loyal to Arutha, and will do anything his liege lord asks him to.


James never knew his father, and was orphaned at a young age. Unknown to him, he has a brother that resembles him very much; taken captive in Krondor, the guards kept asking about places he never been and people he didn't know. Later he got to thinking about events happened before the Battle of Sethanon, about Arutha's doppelganger.

James is a childhood friend of Seigneur Locklear. James has taught him lockpicking and other thieving tricks, such as how to access the Palace from the Sewers of Krondor. The two were befriended by Minister Nivek.

Being ennobled and member of the court, he used to play chess with the Prince at the palace, on which he became an expert; as a chess board was not always available, they became so skilled so as to play chess with their mind.

Years after the Battle of Sethanon, James knew that one conspirator wanted the Sewers cleaned out of thieves, and concocted the plan that the Guild of Death had reestablished operations in Krondor, using the Sewers as their hideout, hoping that the Krondorian Lancers would root the thieves out.

Chapter 1[]

Seven months after Locklear left for the Northlands, James secretly descended the Sewers to investigate the fake Nighthawks for a couple of days, when he saw Locklear, Gorath and Owyn fighting a band of them. James was surprised to see Locklear 3 months earlier than the end of his duty, and he said that he is there to warn Arutha that the moredhel are preparing to invade the Kingdom of the Isles. James told them the news, and that the survivors of the real Nighthawks had escaped to Romney. Before parting, he handed Locky the Royal Key of Krondor.

Chapter 2[]

The next morning he is assigned to escort Gorath to Romney. In order to leave discreetly, they choose again the way of the sewers, where they meet again Owyn, who seems to know about their mission and insist to join them, saying that if he returns home alone, he might be captured or talk unwillingly to an enemy; James reluctantly agrees to take him along, on the provision that he follows his instructions, and won't wander around.