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A stuffed and preserved jaeger at the Museum of Antiquities in Ravenne.

A jaegerskin rug at an Eastbank tavern.

A jaeger is a beast of prey which lives on Ramar in Betrayal in Antara. Despite frequent mention, living jaegers are not seen by the player characters in the game. For the noble class of the same name, see Jaeger.


Jaegers are tiger-sized feline predators with long tails and sharp teeth. Their characteristic brown pelts mottled with white are valued and occasionally used for rugs or clothing.


  • The political use of the name is highlighted on a lever chest whose solution is "JAEGER": "Stodgy blueblood, Imperial emblem, ferocious predator."
  • The pin of office worn by the Antaran nobles referred to as "Jaegers" resembles a leaping jaeger.
  • When taking Steadfast Tonic, characters feel "like a jaeger, muscles tensed and ready to leap."
  • The Museum of Antiquities at Ravenne has a preserved jaeger among its exhibits.
  • The party reports to Sister Senena at Isten that Brother Ciaran, expected at the temple, has been found killed by jaegers on the road.
  • The inn at Eastbank has a jaegerskin rug.


  • "Jaeger" as a plural/singular composite is an alternative spelling of the German word Jäger, literally meaning "hunter" and used to describe scouts and infantry.