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A Jaeger in Isten, wearing his pin of office.

Jaegers are a class of Antaran nobles in Betrayal in Antara. Named after a predatory animal which is frequently mentioned but never seen, they appear throughout the game.


In Antaran politics, Jaegers are chosen from "highest of noble Houses" whose families supported Valorian before the Empire. They form the administrative staff of the Empire; manage the Imperial Palace; oversee the Shira; and monitor adherence to Imperial law.

The symbol of office for a Jaeger is a gold pin in the shape of the animal that inspired the title. Jaegers live and work throughout the Empire.


  • The political role of Jaegers is described in Antaran Political Structure, a treatise written by Pernath Academy staff.
  • "JAEGER" is the solution to a lever chest riddle: "Stodgy blueblood, Imperial emblem, ferocious predator."
  • The tavern song The Farmer Girl has a verse comparing the charms of a richly bedecked Jaeger's daughter to those of the titular farmer girl.