Ivan Skaald is the owner of Queen's Row Inn in Malac's Cross. He had trouble from students of the Abbaye in his inn. He doesn't tolerate fights, animals, especially bandicoots, badgers or salamanders as they get in soups and upset his dogs, and most importantly not to use an en passah.

Chapter 1

He calls Daphne to bring food to the party.
Abbaye Ishap
He believes that the Abbaye produces a few fine minds who become wonderful tacticians; but most are a refuse heap for nobles who want their sons out of their way.
He is a fan of chess, and Locklear asks for a challenge. Ivan says that he plays only when there is a stake and he gambles in Emeralds, so asks Locklear if he has. Of course Ivan wins (perhaps using Sandau's Retreat).
The party can win only if they have talked with Navon Du Sandau and learn his move. In that case, Ivan gives them an Emerald of 100% value.
En Passah
He was playing chess with someone from Durbin, had his game swinging on a pawn and was in his favor. Then the opponent moved his pawn behind Ivan's, claiming that he captured it. They argued for 3 hours if it was a legitimate move, until a student sitting there, went to the Abbaye to dig up an old Keshian book, and confirmed the forgotten rule. He lost 2 diamonds and the Queen's Row itself. Navon Du Sandau tried the rule against him and Ivan set him straight, but he taught him Sandau's Retreat.
Statue (after visiting it)
He says that Malac thought himself a hero, although the lesser folk hated him. The statue was near the main row of the town, but when the town fell under new raids by Keshian raiders from the Sea of Dreams, they moved the center of the town inside the see of the Abbaye Ishap. Thus the raiders ceased as the brothers of Ishap were Keshian, and the statue stayed behind.

Chapter 2

When the party enters, Ivan says that the match beween Jamie Tiller and snot-nosed Kyle Fischer from the Abbaye just finished and he defended his title; Jamie moved his queen's pawn to fourth rank, Fischer opened, but Jamie meneuvered into it with his knight.

Double (after talking with Petrumh)
Mentions Lysle Rigger running some sort of errand, but he didnt talk about it. He said that if he disappears, he should probably be hiding in the storage bins of Darkmoor. Ivan tells to mention his name, but warns that trouble follows him.
He says that if a customer loses something in the inn, Ivan keeps it if it is interesting or if he expects them to come back. He offers to sell for 50 the things he found under the bar.
James asks if he is up for a game of chess, and Ivan warns that he learned new moves from a book borrowed from the Abbaye. He puts emeralds as stakes
Abbar's Gambit
He mentions Abbar's Turn as something similar, which is a brave gambit, the most powerful structure, but in the wrong place can cost dearly. But he refuses to teach it; if James knew truly how to use it he would give up playing against him.
Asked about rumors, he mentions that Lord Lyton put a batch of tax collectors stopping folk what are trying to get in and out of Lyton. If folks dont have a big amount of gold, they direct them the other way or kill them.
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