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Isaac was a former squire of Prince Arutha conDoin. He appears in Betrayal at Krondor and its novelization, Krondor: The Betrayal.


Isaac was always a rumormonger. He suffered a limp in which he took pride and which gained him the respect and admiration of Krondor's squires, including Locklear. His stride was his personal identity.

During Prince Arutha's wedding, Master of Ceremonies deLacy found out that Isaac, then living in Krondor and pretending to be the son of the Count of Dorgin, was lying about his identity. deLacy was too busy with the details of the wedding to toss him over the palace walls, but Isaac was nonetheless expelled from the court, a tragic event that was a blow to everyone.

Eleven years later, Isaac could be found making a living doing odd jobs along the border.

While in a company of some moredhel, he played pokiir with Devon at Eggley, later recounting that the month's income he lost had taken some time to recoup, and that he had had felt like Devon was reading his mind. Devon, however, would describe the match quite differently.

Chapter 1[]

The party can meet Isaac northeast of Hawk's Hollow. Seeing Locklear accompanying an Elf, he immediately surmises that they are going to Krondor on an urgent matter.

Locklear mentions that someone set traps to keep them from the eastern side of the Orseinnes. Isaac suggests that they stay on the south and western side of the mountain range.
Mind Readers
Asked about the moredhel who anticipate Locklear's moves, Isaac only reminisces upon his experience with Devon, the perceptive Eggley innkeeper to whom he lost a month's income playing pokiir. It took him some time to make up these losses.
Safe Passage
Asked about a safe way to the South, Isaac says to avoid the road between Eggley and Tanneurs because of a festival in the area, surmising from the presence of their "elf" companion that they would prefer not to mingle with curious crowds on the way to Krondor.
Stolen Gems
If the party has spoken with corrupt gem merchant Kiefer Alescook, Locklear can ask Isaac about his recent purchase of a ruby which was originally stolen in LaMut before passing into Alescook's hands. When Isaac protests that he did not know the gem was stolen, explaining that he plans to use it at The Battleworks in Highcastle to pay a weaponsmith to repair his special blade, Locklear offers to save him a trip and redeem the ruby by repairing the blade himself.
  • If the party's skill is high enough, Isaac is pleased with the successful repair and offers to return the gem.
  • If the party's skill isn't high enough, the repair is unsuccessful. Isaac tells Locklear to return the sword before doing more damage, and keeps the ruby for his planned exchange with the Highcastle weaponsmith.
Weapon Repair
Asked about the specialist to whom he had planned to travel, Isaac directs the party to Highcastle.

Isaac doesn't appear in the same location later. Presumably he disappears after the party has talked with Devon.