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The Inclindel is a canyon pass which connects the Northlands and the Kingdom of the Isles in Betrayal at Krondor.


The Inclindel is the westernmost of the three passes which connect the Kingdom and the Northlands. Cutting through the Teeth of the World, the road from Armengar to Tyr-Sog passes through it.


Locklear and Gorath escaped the Northlands through the Pass.

In Chapter 1, Lieutenant Finn turns the party back because wild screaming blizzards have made the Inclindel impassable and the Kingdom soldiers will take a long time to clear it. If Locklear attempts to pass it, he says it is too cold to move on.

In Chapter 4, the party returns to the Kingdom through the Inclindel and is greeted by Finn, ending the chapter.

In Chapter 6, the Inclindel has been blasted closed again. While Finn believes it should be left closed, King Lyam has once more ordered the passage cleared.