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I Guess I'll Be Drinking Their Share is a tavern song sung throughout the Antaran Empire in Betrayal in Antara. It consists of eight verses, along with a chorus repeated after the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth verses. Parts of the song can be heard at four of the Inns in the game.

Where to hear it[]


Say, barkeep, set up four strong drinks.
Although it may seem odd,
Tonight I'll buy a round or two
Four our fine friends, the gods.

For all that they have done for us
A drink seems only fair.
But if they don't show up tonight
I guess I'll drink their share.


Well, I bought them a cup but they haven't turned up
So the day that I die I'll just look in their eye and say
"Hey where were you when the man poured the brew?"
And I guess I'll be drinking their share.

Oh, Henne lives in innocence
Where all true wisdom starts.
He gave us laughter, tales, and dance
And music in our hearts.

Since Henne gave us tavern songs
A drink is only fair,
But Henne's far too young to drink
So I guess I'll drink his share.


Oh, Senaedrin's a woman fine,
The mother of all men,
A healer anda teacher
And a lady to the end.

Since Senaedrin has guided us
A drink is only fair,
But ladies prefer wine to ale
So I guess I'll drink her share.


Oh, Kor's the strongest of the strong,
So question not his might.
And any man would hail him as
A brother in a fight.

Since Kor's the guardsman of us all
A drink is only fair,
But since a guardsman can't be drunk
I guess I'll drink his share.