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Highcastle is a border town between the Northlands and the Kingdom of the Isles in Betrayal at Krondor.


Highcastle, a frontier fort town that guards Cutter's Gap, was easily overrun by the moredhel in the Battle of Sethanon during the Great Rising. Since then, Prince Arutha has realized his weakness in the North and reinforced the fortifications on a tor there to discourage any further incursions into the Kingdom, thus giving its name.

Squire Phillip, though unimpressed with the "typical border town" despite Arutha's additional fortifications, enjoyed perusing the swords in Highcastle's well-stocked armory.

Highcastle has been suffering continuous raids by Goblins for several months and many of its guards remainedwounded; goblins that serve Delekhan as spies mentioned that it is one important weakness, as well as that there are problems with the payment from Rillanon that affected their morale, and finally the nearby Trolls could isolate it from supply lines.


  • Cutter's Gap: one of the few gaps in the Teeth of the World. In Chapter I the bridge of the Highcastle Gorge is sabotaged; attempting to visit the Gap will cost 6 Rations, as it is 3 days away.
  • Ranger's Hall inn
  • The Battleworks shop

The Castle[]

The castle is guarded by soldiers with white tabards. Inside there is a study with large windows overlooking its marshalling yard, below which is a casement where the Baron overlooks the activities below. When Locklear visits, Baron Troville has gone to Darkmoor and the party is greeted by Baron Kevin, who asks them to find evidence about anything unusual concerning the goblins.