"Do not struggle so, Hasath. I wish to keep you alive. But be glad I do not. The goddess of death will show you greater mercy." --Gorath


Haseth, a moredhel kinsman of Gorath in Betrayal at Krondor, was an assassin sent by Delekhan to kill Gorath. He appears in the opening sequence of the game.


Haseth was the third assassin to attack Gorath and Locklear since they left the Northlands.

As the game starts, Haseth is stalking the party's camp on the roadside south of Yabon when Gorath discovers his presence. Leaping forward despite his chains, Gorath warns Owen against the assassin and kills Haseth.

Afterwards, Gorath declines Owen's offer to bury Haseth, stating that it is "not our way." The likelihood of encountering further assassins after Gorath's blood influences Locklear's decision to remove Gorath's shackles, and the party departs swiftly to gain distance before it is noticed that Haseth did not return from his mission.


Haseth carries a +2 Lockpick and +4 Rations.

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