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Madame Haphra is a clairvoyant. She lives with her husband Bella in a hut by the river, north of Buck Rausch's house, between Silden and Sloop. They had lost a daughter and this made her question her abilities. She didn't wish to let her daughter go and sought to find her with her talents, to her and keep her with them. She found the spirit of the rusalki who promised to bring her to them if she allowed her to live through her. After several weeks they were trapped by her.

Bella asks 50 sovereigns for those who want to employ her services. She wears sits at a table wearing a woven brocade vest over a peasant's blouse. Her hands and neck ornamented with bright wooden beads and her nails are brightly dyed.

Many told her of the Rusalki near the River Pilot's Folly at night but says it is a lie, and they aren't harmful.
:A dead man's key will open unseen doors, hidden beneath those who bow below the 7-rayed star
They will discover wealth in a hidden place, in exchange for something dearly won. Gaining it he will have grreat joy followed by misery for the time ahead
On the longest road, he will seek to destroy the instrument of deception but will need to deceive those who guard the way. And the man who seems a boy will bring his salvations.
A long shadow and a star stand over his house. He will find his kin soul and achieve all he hoped, but will lose his closest friend to a passion in a foreign land.
will save one he admires from a dire fate, but will awaken the attention of those who seek to destroy him. Afterwards he will walk nameless and alone.
Those he counted on will abandon him in his hour of need. He will die a slow and painful death, starving and alone, and in death they will believe him a disgrace
there is betrayal, he will turn on all that he has sworn oath to and will become something he once hated. He will face his worst enemy, and he will change him.
The Dead
Lims-Kragma holds tightly those those they want to communicate with.

Haphra can be asked only 4 or so times, then she will grow weary and the company must visit (and pay) her again later.

After fortune telling, the company can doubt her reading and says it is not different than things heard from street lunatics. The old woman is then transformed and pushes Bella aside with superhuman strength. With fiery eyes. She rakes Locklear's face with her sharp nails, shouting him to blieve with an inhuman voice to believe. Bella, comes behind and, weeping, strucks her down with a firewood stick. Around her body a form of a rusalka materializes, glowering at Bella and passes through the walls with a hateful screech. Bella drops to his wife sobbing and tells to go after it.

When the company kills the rusalka, they return and she tells them her story. She then says one last true prophecy: he seeks one who holds a key to a mystery, hiding in many guises, will trick and divert attention from him, but his smell marks him.

Note that Haphra's replies depend on the composition of the party: for example if the party visits her on Chapter 1 they can hear Locklear's fortune, but if they kill the rusalka, they won't hear that of James; similarly, if the party first visits her in Chapter 2, they can hear James's fortune, but not Locklear's, as he isn't present in that Chapter.